11/7/19 – Improved the checkout experience for bundling feature

10/28/19 – Added explainer video + new images to download page

10/9/19 – Fixed issue with checkout flow for premium find & replace feature. Updated fonts.

10/2/19 – We’ve added the functionality to run multiple find & replace queries with one click. It’s a premium feature that costs $6.95 for lifetime usage.

9/13/19 – We’re sorry. We did a poor job of communicating that we were making “favorites” a premium feature. We’ve removed the paywall and, going forward, want to involve you in any major updates made to the extension. On that note, we’ve created a super short survey (<2 minutes to complete) for how we can improve: https://forms.gle/XJVzNySXJHVtNjg47

9/6/19 – We’ve made “favorites” a premium feature. Since an email isn’t required to download the extension, sharing is required so we can match up the payment with the user.